ASPHALT Paver Machine Laid Asphalt and Tarmacadam

Modern asphalt surfaces  contain additives that greatly increase durability and longevity. Machine laid materials are available for industrial use that offer oil and chemical resistant properties, and for areas of poor drainage, open graded 'porous' materials allow surface water to pass through for natural dispersion.
We will always fully assess your project to ensure the correct material is utilised to the required laying method and specification.

Recent Projects: Industrial loading Bay and Parking Area

The tar surface of this industrial area was badly deteriorated and, due to an inadequate drainage system, was prone to flooding.
The only practical solution was the complete removal of the old tarsurface and the fitting of additional heavy duty  type drainage hoppers. SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt) was used to withstand the use of fork lift trucks and heavy vehicle usage and provide a durable surface which we can confidently say will give a great many trouble  free years.

hepworth drainage installation groundworks MOT type1 limestone sub-base industrial resurfacing stone mastic asphalt loading bay thermoplastic parking bay markings

Road Planing Preparation and Tar Re-Surfacing of Private Road

Several major areas on this private road had deteriorated and required replacement.
The Tar surface wearing course was removed using a milling machine to provide a sound, keyed base. This was then thoroughly swept clean and primed with  liquid bitumen ('Tack-Coat') before the new Tar surface was  laid.

Road planingBobcat road planing machine Tack coat bitumen primer Completed road section Tarmac road surface Tarmacadam road


Tar Pathway Construction - centurion-johannesburg

On the strength of our previous work in Centurion, (roads, car park construction, paths ) we were the first choice to supply surfacing works as part of their multi-million rand re-development program. Below is a small selection of pictures taken during the landscaping and pathway improvements phase.

Concrete path baseHand laying TarmacPathway construction Golf club pathway Completed pathway Pathway and landscaping


Commercial Asphalting

We are trusted by  businesses, schools and property owners because of the high quality of our asphalt surface product, our promptness to deliver the desired result, and our professionalism whilst on-site and throughout all stages of the project. We carry Full Public Liability Insurance.

Our vast wealth of experience in the asphalt surface industry helps us in producing the finished product our clients require - and we achieve this time and time again. Contact us today on 011 025 7830  to arrange anon-site evaluation and quotation.